miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012


Quisiera tener la certeza
De que en este reencuentro me ves como más que una presa,
Quizá como trofeo.
Ansío que pidas quedarte y volver a verme...
Quisiera tenerte cerca
cuando venga tormenta me abraces bajo la manta,
y cubras mi cuello con besos y
espúreas razones con partes, aunque hechas girones
de nuestros corazones juntos sanando
de un absurdo inmundo.

Lo cierto es que siempre te quise, y nadie lo quita
Te quiero como hace una niña al mejor amigo.
Pero eso no quita las expectativas
que tengo de que este reencuentro...
Ilumine tu cara y nuestro cuento.

¿Cómo depositar confianza en lo que no va a durar?
Sólo permitiéndose soñar.
De que esta vez es distinto, aunque no lo sea.
De que nuestra amistad esta vez no se resienta.
No dejes de quererme amigo mío.
No lo hagas y te prometo, guardarte en un cofre en este pequeño corazón.

I Should

I should loose your number
Stop calling
Stop waiting

I should loose the memories
Start moving on
Stop caring
I should... you know
Start a new search that actually helps me
I should be aware that you don't give a damn.
Why should I even care?

All the talent I'm missusing
I could try to use it for my own good...
all the times I spent,
trying to reach you friend,
was completely lost
You don't hear my voice!

Last night I saw it clearly...
I dreamt of us both separated by the sea.
You in an island,
Me in a boat,
The tide leading me to the shore...
For me is a sign, that our time ends.
You are left in your world,
I'm going back to Earth.

So let's take a good pair of scissors
And cut it clean
for there is no reason
to keep this old fashioned love alive
There will be time, to be friends, live and laugh.

I should let you go,
forget we were in love
Become strong
Learn to be alone...
And let it go...

I have to stay, in my mind
There is no way
I let myself loose...
I am already confused.

Good past, bad present,
don't turn in no future.
I'll always keep our secrets
Let me tell you
you made me happy
I am sure its time to fade away from each others life.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

Be careful

(Esta no es completamente mía/ This one is not completely mine)

Be careful what you wish, because it may come true,
It may come true...
be careful what you wish,
you might want to start fearing
cause in the end.....

I am sorry, I don't want to worry you,
but sometimes whatever you wish
upon just half star
it makes you a visit in the middle of the night....

Be careful what you wish, because I've heard is true,
That wishes become real
So Magic, don't avoid it,
But care not to dare, the destiny is here
You will hear from it...


jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Before I met you

Before I met you
Everything has no sense
And if I harmed you...
believe me I was not aware
And if we try to
I think we might success
But if we don't
I'll probably may understand.
Oh! Believe me! I have loss practice
I am not always thinking
But if I have to
I will eventually...love.

Before the day
I found you in my way
My life was empty
It had no sense
So when, you stayed
The difference was so obvious
I could not deny
My brain had been shuted up.

Before, the minute
The spicefull moment
I saw us
Plain memories were the tonic
And after, it was like rain.
It brought rainbows, mud and dirt,
Wet nights, dry ends,
Plain laugh, maybe some change,
Believe me, before you entered my life,
it was a shame.