jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Before I met you

Before I met you
Everything has no sense
And if I harmed you...
believe me I was not aware
And if we try to
I think we might success
But if we don't
I'll probably may understand.
Oh! Believe me! I have loss practice
I am not always thinking
But if I have to
I will eventually...love.

Before the day
I found you in my way
My life was empty
It had no sense
So when, you stayed
The difference was so obvious
I could not deny
My brain had been shuted up.

Before, the minute
The spicefull moment
I saw us
Plain memories were the tonic
And after, it was like rain.
It brought rainbows, mud and dirt,
Wet nights, dry ends,
Plain laugh, maybe some change,
Believe me, before you entered my life,
it was a shame.

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