miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

I Should

I should loose your number
Stop calling
Stop waiting

I should loose the memories
Start moving on
Stop caring
I should... you know
Start a new search that actually helps me
I should be aware that you don't give a damn.
Why should I even care?

All the talent I'm missusing
I could try to use it for my own good...
all the times I spent,
trying to reach you friend,
was completely lost
You don't hear my voice!

Last night I saw it clearly...
I dreamt of us both separated by the sea.
You in an island,
Me in a boat,
The tide leading me to the shore...
For me is a sign, that our time ends.
You are left in your world,
I'm going back to Earth.

So let's take a good pair of scissors
And cut it clean
for there is no reason
to keep this old fashioned love alive
There will be time, to be friends, live and laugh.

I should let you go,
forget we were in love
Become strong
Learn to be alone...
And let it go...

I have to stay, in my mind
There is no way
I let myself loose...
I am already confused.

Good past, bad present,
don't turn in no future.
I'll always keep our secrets
Let me tell you
you made me happy
I am sure its time to fade away from each others life.

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