lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

You are entitled to say no

If you want to say no
you are entitled to do so (x2)

So don't blame me
for not ... havin all the answers

Don't blame me, for being guilty of nothing.
"I did not intend to harm you" you said
The thing is that anyways you did...

Chorus (x2)

I truly encourage you to
be honest as you can be
Don't promise what you can't do,
I promis not to run to you

Chorus (x2)

Oh man! you 're no longer a boy
Save your pride,
Don't feel obliged!
I won't tell anyone
There's no need to lie
It is fine to disagree
I don't mind

Chorus (x2)
nana nanana
shabada bada

I prefer an honest answer
You prefer to save your chances
But hear me man with no sacrifices
There's no way to succeed

Chorus (x2)

Be honest, I'd love you for that
Be honest, I'd respect you for that

Chorus (x2)

Be true to yourself
Is the best way to act

Chorus (x4)

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